On Air Magazine - November 2021

Encounter : Where collaborative innovation grows


Where collaborative innovation grows

When an industry giant collaborates with customers, start-ups and researchers, the results can be remarkable. Our partners’ experience tells us that trust, communication and synergy provide a breeding ground for impressive sustainable solutions. 

Bridging the innovation gap


CEO and Co-Founder of MX3D

MX3D, a Dutch technology start-up, inaugurated the world’s first robotic 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam in July 2021. As an R&D partner on this groundbreaking project, Air Liquide contributed its welding and additive manufacturing expertise, along with ARCAL™ shielding gases. 

“Air Liquide was a logical partner because we were not welding specialists and we were looking for expertise for this pioneering project. Beyond the supply of gas, the R&D teams accompanied us in the early stage by defining some general rules of thumb for using the protective gas. They also supported us with the rules, regulation and installation when setting up our factory. Thanks to them, we were able to develop much faster. They made a point of advancing the project without trying to be secretive of their technology or knowledge. That’s the definition of open innovation.”